Sunday, 17 November 2013

The Winter Coat

Can you believe that Christmas is less than six weeks away!? I swear just yesterday, I was making my hallowe'en costume. (Speaking of which, I will acquire some good photos of my costume to post for you lovelies.)

With the winter season comes conflicts and concerns:
  • What are my season's closet essentials?
  • How am I going to balance all of the holiday parties?
  • Gifts: giving on a budget
Of course, there are a million more, but these are the three that I will be covering. Today, being an issue of winter closet essentials, I will only be covering winter coats!

Winter Coat

Depending on where you live, your needs may be different. An Alaskan fashionista would not be opting for advice from the Cali Babe, but bear with me because I am from Southern Canada and am operating within Southern Canadian climate. Take into personal consideration whether you live on tundra, hot sand or anywhere in between.

First, decide what is important to you. I have made my own list of requirements below:
  • end just below my butt
  • all black
  • a bit edgy
  • extra long sleeves
  • folded back collar
  • upright pockets
Now since I ruin coats (and apparently have them stolen in clubs), I opt for a cheap but warm piece. It is important to me that I can fit a big sweater under the coat, but also warm enough in the early winter that I can still be comfortable throwing it over a sleeveless party dress. I stumbled across this beauty complete will all my requirements plus leatherette sleeves, and bought one in wine red and one in all black:

Myself in the wine red version of my coat

Now I personally picked up my $40 piece at a Sirens clothing store in August, but there is a similar (and better) coat on for $109.99 completed with zipper cuffs, button epaulets and PU pockets. It comes in sizes XS - M and there may just be a huge sale coming up... November 18th, but prepared to race for this limited-number jacket as it will suddenly be on for $36.99 ! Even less then my own jacket!

Romwe coat: click to buy!

Additional Coats

Now let's be real, not everyone is going to want the very same coat as I do! Maybe you are tall and slim and want a hot shapeless piece, or perhaps bomber coats are your thing. That's cool babe!
Below are a few more trendy coats this season that I love. Just click on them to purchase!

And if you're like me, you have a stash of 5 winter coats and cannot help but look for another! Between my long coat, leather biker jacket, leatherette bomber, wool boxy coat and more... I'm covered. But what is the harm in a little eye candy, right?

If your wallet is feeling full, you must check out Rachel Zoe's top tens coats here! (Warning: Have tissues ready for the drool!)

Mint Green Lapel Double Pocket Longline Wool Coat @ SheInside
Packable Hooded Down Jacket 
Leather Bike Jacket in Red @ Choies
Brown Leopard Print Faux Fur Longline Coat @ SheInside
Zip Front Contrast Trench @ Bebe

Bisous mes amies!

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